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Dr Herera,

I meant to write many months ago to say that Debbie and I really enjoyed our experience in SMdA having our crowns done with you. We regularly recommend you to friends. If we ever get back to San Miguel, we’ll come to say “Hola”. See the attached photo.

What we also appreciated about you (in addition to your English skills) was your sense of humor. You’re a fun and engaging person up until the moment when you get someone in the chair at which point you become entirely focused and serious. It’s an appropriate combination of mindsets. Very best wishes,

Robert Bolman .

My visit to Dr. Herrera was one that I did not look forward to since I have a fear of painful dental work. But after my visit to have two crowns replaced and a new crown and root canal done by Dr. Herrera, my fears are gone. It is the only time in my life that I experienced a dental visit without pain during and after my appointment. He was also willing to work on a holiday to complete the work before I had to return to the States. It’s good to know that I will have a great dentist when I finalize my move to SMA. Thanks again , Dr. Herrera.

Donna Zimmer, Annapolis , Maryland & San Miguel

As a visitor to San Miguel I found myself in need of a dentist on an emergency basis. Dr. Herrera was highly recommended by friends who live here, and he was actually kind enough to see me on a holiday. He did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. I would now like to add my praise for this fine gentleman and outstanding dentist. Suzanne Sylvor

After several years of visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I finally decided to have some dental work done while on our current visit… I asked some of my local friends for a referral and I received several recommendations for the same dentist……Dr. Jesus Herrera… The people from whom we are renting a ‘casa’ also recommended Dr. Herrera very highly… Upon arriving in San Miguel, I quickly visited Dr. Herrera for a cleaning and examination of a couple of ‘chipped crowns’ that I was concerned about…. He provided a very through cleaning, suggested replacing a couple of old ‘chipped’ crowns and also provided a couple of fillings…. He was very professional, had excellent command of English language, and the work was done with efficient quality….. I was extremely pleased with his work and as a bonus, felt that the cost of my dental procedures were very reasonable….I would highly recommend Dr. Jesus Herrera to anyone requiring quality, professional, dental procedures at reasonable prices……Ruben Vasquez Ashland, Oregon

I needed an implant and a new crown. I had a great experience with Dr Herera and also Dr. Miguel Arias who did the initial surgery for the implant. It was the first time that I received a Novocain injection without hardly any pain because he warmed up the Novocain in his hand before injecting me. Their office is set up to handle any situation and as a former dental hygienist, I can only highly recommend his office. I am very grateful to them for their very professional treatment and kindness.

Susi Bergmann Moyer

I used to live in San Miguel de Allende but now live in USA. While living in Mexico, I had some excellent dental care. Recently, my California dentist told me that I needed a root canal and new crown. After researching with friends in San Miguel I was convinced that the best approach for me would be to use a group of Dentistas in Celaya. I contacted Dr. Jesús Mario Herrera Rivadeneyra via email and he promptly replied. Dr. Herrera arranged for me to have my root canal work done in their offices. They did that work in a professional and timely manner. Then Dr. Herrera took over and fitted me with a new crown. All in all the complete procedure took four visits. The entire staff was wonderful and I can highly recommend this group of Dentistas to anyone desiring quality dental care.


David Gaskin

San Francisco, California



My Dentist in Wisconsin informed me that I needed a root canal ($950usd) and a crown ($850usd) for two teeth that were in trouble. I began to ask for dentists in Mexico near my house in San Miguel. Dr. Herrera came VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I decided to fly down specifically for dental work and to try him. I found him to be delightful, his office to be very modern and his staff and associates to be highly professional. Dr. Herrera sent me for a full mouth x-ray (175 pesos… this costs hundreds in the states) so he could be certain of the state of the dental roots. He used a gizmo that showed me the teeth on a video screen, I had never seen one in the states and I have had a LOT of dental work. He did a crown prep and installed a temporary crown. His shot of novocaine was the most sublime and painless delivery of anesthesia I have ever received! His associate endodontist consulted with me about the root canal. He deferred doing the procedure saying he felt the problem could be a periodontal one and sent me to the Periodontist in the group who cleaned and root planed the area. It turned out I did need the root canal, which they did the following week. I was very grateful that they were conservative and tried the lesser procedures before the more invasive one. All in all my experience was 100% positive! The care was as good or better than anything I have had in the States and all the work plus the plane ticket was less than the root canal would have been at home. I am flying back to have 3 crowns replaced and a new one installed in October.


Great Doctor, Great work!

Cherie Celeste St. Cyr

Dear Dr. Herrera:


I had consultations with six implant dentists before I found you and your dental group. Although I really missed my back teeth I was afraid to undergo the procedure.


All of my worry was for nothing; the whole implant procedure was from start to finish, first class. In fitting the crowns you took your time and made sure my bite was perfect which, was no easy task considering I have a small mouth and a very finicky bike. I really appreciate you, your patience, your expertise, and your team. Your office staff was always courteous and professional and my appointments were always on time.


My new teeth feel great, work great and look really good. Now I can chew much better and as a doctor of naturopathy I believe the ability to chew is a prerequisite to achieving and maintaining optimum health.


I would not hesitate to recommend you and your group to my patients and friends.



Dr. Florence J. Licata

I live in London and have a fear of dentists. I had avoided dental treatment for about 13 years and got to the point where I could no longer delay treatment. My sister’s friend recommended Dr. Jesus Herrera to me and I decided to make the long trip to Mexico. I have just returned home with a mouth full of natural looking teeth, which fit well and I am very happy with. I would recommend Dr. Herrera unreservedly to anyone needing dental care. I’ve never felt safer than in the hands of Jesus.


Susana Harrison

I went to see Dr. Herrera at Celaya Dental Group for a fairly routine matter (a crown had come loose). After examining my x-rays, Dr. Herrera noticed something wrong with the root of another tooth and told me it was essential that it was looked into. I was leaving for the states the very next day for a few months, so I visited my dentist as soon as I got to San Francisco. After realizing that my dentist did not notice anything amiss, I pointed out what Dr. Herrera had found and sure enough something was terribly wrong with that root and I needed major surgery in order to save the root. Had it not been for Dr. Herrera’s expertise, this would have surely gone unnoticed and I would have lost one of my (front!) teeth. He is clearly one of the best dentists I’ve ever experienced.


Taylor Korobow, Resident San Miguel de Allende

A California dentist told me that if I didn´t get crowns on my bottom front teeth immediately I would loose them. After coming to San Miguel I heard good things about Dr. Herrera. When i saw him I was very relieved to learn that unless I wanted to change the bite for cosmetic reasons it wasn´t necessary to do anything at all. I appreciate Dr Herrera´s honesty and trust him implicitly.


William Burke

Dr. Herrera is at the top of the list of dentists who have treated me over my lifetime, including those in Brazil, Texas, and Illinois, as well as here in Mexico. I have complete confidence in him. I have never experienced any pain during my sessions with him, even though I have consulted him with some rather frightening, urgent matters, including two broken teeth. His fees are reasonable, and he always takes time to explain what he is doing. Two of our grown children have also been treated by him and one of his colleagues with the same high level of satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.


The Venerable Michael Long,

Rector of Saint Paul’s Church

and Archdeacon of the Diocese of Mexico,

Anglican Church of Mexico



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